CPSC 412/612 Eye Tracking Methodology and Applications
Fall 2010
Team 1: Experiment: Body image study
Chad Lardizabal
Crystal Murray
Matt St. Pierre
Aniket Vyavahare
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 2: Experiment: Films and subititles
Sourav Bhuyan
Grant Giles
Pradeep Rompicharla
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 3: Experiment: Computer vision
Vidya Murali
Bryan Willimon
Aditya Sriram
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 4: Experiment: User experience across interfaces
Chris Beauchamp
Taran Pabla
James Zabel
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 5: Experiment: Visualization comparison
Margaux Price
Stephanie Whetsel
Parth Shah
Anish Shanmugasundara
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 6: Experiment: Closed caption placement
Andrew Ouzts
Prabudh Maini
Nicole Snell
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 7: Experiment: Face recognition
Jacob Adelberg
Virel Goel
Arpit Singh
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]