CPSC 4120/6120 Eye Tracking Methodology and Applications
Fall 2019
Team 1: Experiment: Gaze Tracking with Path Markers in Simple 2-Dimensional Mazes
David, Elijah
Hunter, Alexis
Wendell, Christine
Wilson, Jordan
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 2: Experiment: Shape Versus Color Rcognition
Sharpe, Cameron
Alexander, Malik
Dupuy, Aleene
Scheele, Wolfgang
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 3: Experiment: Puzzle Solving Gaze Differences in Expert and Novice Chess Players
Searight, Austin
Lee, Hyeop
Xu, Hannah
Kadam, Sangram
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 4: Experiment: Using Eye Tracking to Discern the Pattern of People With Different Backgrounds for Reading Academic Posters
Wei, Aileen
Yang, Zongming
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 5: Experiment: Tracking Gaze Patterns in Human Facial Recognition
Swanson, Kyle
McDade, Sam
Burch, Ian
Li, Xiaowei
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 6: Experiment: Gaze Tracking with Path Markers in Where's Waldo Puzzles
Hauser, Michael
Billingsley, Justin
Robinson, Andre
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 7: Experiment: How People Search Video Game Environments for Enemies: Experts vs. Novices
Hemlinger, Makenzie
Zhu, Shu
Buzhardt, Pierce
Lindsey, Zeandre
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 8: Experiment: "I Consent": An Eye-Tracking Study of IRB Informed Consent Forms
Thompson, Jeremy
Slavin, Shana
McGee, Henry
Russell, Carrie
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 9: Experiment: The Relation Between Shape and Fixation Time
Haight, Alex
Cunningham, Andrew
Sisodia, Happy
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]