DPA 4000 Technical Foundations of Digital Production I
Fall 2017
TTh 12:30—13:45 100E/106 McAdams

URL: http://andrewd.ces.clemson.edu/courses/dpa400/

Thu. Aug.24
Dr. D. away: ECEM
01 zyBooks Chp.01: Intro to C++:

Challenge Activity: 1.2.1
Challenge Activity: 1.3.3
Challenge Activity: 1.3.4
Challenge Activity: 1.3.5
Challenge Activity: 1.4.1
Challenge Activity: 1.4.2
Challenge Activity: 1.6.1
Challenge Activity: 1.6.2

Warm up: 1.13 Hello world
Warm up: 1.14 Basic output with variables

Tue. Aug.29
02 zyBooks Chp.01: Intro to C++:

Participation Activity: 1.11.1
Participation Activity: 1.12.1

HW 1.15 Porgram: ASCII art

Thu. Aug.31
03 zyBooks Chp.02: Variables / Assignments

HW: 2.21 Program: Painting a wall

Tue. Sep.05
Dr. D. away: VS-Games
04 zyBooks Chp.03: Branches

HW: 3.17 Program: Text message decoder
HW: 3.18 Program: Text message expander

Thu. Sep.07
Dr. D. away: VS-Games
05 zyBooks Chp.04: Loops

HW: 4.14 Program: Drawing a half arrow

Tue. Sep.12
06 School closed: hurricane Irma
Thu. Sep.14
07 zyBooks Chp.05: Arrays / Vectors

HW: 5.18 Warm up: People's weights (min, max, avg)

Tue. Sep.19
08 zyBooks Chp.05: Arrays / Vectors
zyBooks Chp.06: User-Defined Functions

HW: 5.19 Program: Soccer team roster

Thu. Sep.21
09 zyBooks Chp.06: User-Defined Functions

HW: 6.20 Program: Authoring assistant

Tue. Sep.26
10 zyBooks Chp.07: Objects and Classes
Thu. Sep.28
11 zyBooks Chp.07: Objects and Classes

HW: 7.18 Warmup: Online shopping cart

Tue. Oct.03
12 zyBooks Chp.07: Objects and Classes

HW: 7.19 Program: Online shopping cart (cont'd)

Thu. Oct.05
13 zyBooks Chp.09: Streams

HW: 9.9 Program: Data visualization

Tue. Oct.10
14 zyBooks Chp.10: Inheritance

Midterm Review

Thu. Oct.12
15 Midterm Exam
Tue. Oct.17
Fall Break
Thu. Oct.19
16 zyBooks Chp.8: Pointers
zyBooks Chp.8.10: Copy constructors
zyBooks Chp.8.11: Copy assignment operator
Tue. Oct.24
17 zyBooks Chp.8: Pointers
zyBooks Chp.8.2: Pointer basics
zyBooks Chp.8.3: Ops: new, delete, and ->
zyBooks Chp.8.8: Memory leaks
Thu. Oct.26
18 zyBooks Chp.8: Pointers
zyBooks Chp.8.5: A first linked list
zyBooks Chp.8.14: Warm up: Contacts

HW: 8.15 Program: Playlist

Tue. Oct.31
19 Assignment 00 (in class)

Thu. Nov.02
20 Assignment 00.5 (in class)

Tue. Nov.07
21 Intro to GLUT. or
Thu. Nov.09
22 2D GLUT
  • drawing points
  • drawing quads
  • gluOrtho2D
Tue. Nov.14
23 3D GLUT
  • gluPerspective
  • gluLookAt
  • drawing points
  • drawing quads
Thu. Nov.16
24 More on OpenGL.

Assignment 01

Tue. Nov.21
25 Assignment 01 (due, Nov.20 @ 23:59:59)
Thu. Nov.23
Tue. Nov.28
26 Assignment 02


Thu. Nov.30

The debugger

Start on Assignment 03

Tue. Dec.05
28 Assignment 02 (due, Dec.04 @ 23:59:59)


Assignment 03 continued

Thu. Dec.07
29 Assignment 03 (due Dec.06 @ 23:59:59)

Final review.

DPA 4001/6001 preview (?)

Mon. Dec.11
30 FINAL EXAM 3:00-5:30pm