DPA 4000 Technical Foundations of Digital Production I
Fall 2017
TTh 12:30—13:45 100E/106 McAdams

URL: http://andrewd.ces.clemson.edu/courses/dpa400/

Thu. Aug.24
Dr. D. away: ECEM
01 zyBooks Chp.01: Intro to C++:

Challenge Activity: 1.2.1
Challenge Activity: 1.3.3
Challenge Activity: 1.3.4
Challenge Activity: 1.3.5
Challenge Activity: 1.4.1
Challenge Activity: 1.4.2
Challenge Activity: 1.6.1
Challenge Activity: 1.6.2

Warm up: 1.13 Hello world
Warm up: 1.14 Basic output with variables

Tue. Aug.29
02 zyBooks Chp.01: Intro to C++:

Participation Activity: 1.11.1
Participation Activity: 1.12.1

HW 1.15 Porgram: ASCII art

Thu. Aug.31
03 zyBooks Chp.02: Variables / Assignments

HW: 2.21 Program: Painting a wall

Tue. Sep.05
Dr. D. away: VS-Games
04 zyBooks Chp.03: Branches

HW: 3.17 Program: Text message decoder
HW: 3.18 Program: Text message expander

Thu. Sep.07
Dr. D. away: VS-Games
05 zyBooks Chp.04: Loops

HW: 4.14 Program: Drawing a half arrow

Tue. Sep.12
06 School closed: hurricane Irma
Thu. Sep.14
07 zyBooks Chp.05: Arrays / Vectors

HW: 5.18 Warm up: People's weights (min, max, avg)

Tue. Sep.19
08 zyBooks Chp.05: Arrays / Vectors
zyBooks Chp.06: User-Defined Functions

HW: 5.19 Program: Soccer team roster

Thu. Sep.21
09 zyBooks Chp.06: User-Defined Functions

HW: 6.20 Program: Authoring assistant

Tue. Sep.26
10 zyBooks Chp.07: Objects and Classes
Thu. Sep.28
11 zyBooks Chp.07: Objects and Classes

HW: 7.18 Warmup: Online shopping cart

Tue. Oct.03
12 zyBooks Chp.07: Objects and Classes
Thu. Oct.05
13 zyBooks Chp.07: Objects and Classes

Tue. Oct.10
14 zyBooks Chp.07: Objects and Classes

HW: 7.19 Program: Online shopping cart (cont'd)

Midterm Review

Thu. Oct.12
15 Midterm Exam
Tue. Oct.17
Fall Break
Thu. Oct.19
16 Midterm Debrief
Tue. Oct.24
17 Midterm Debrief cont'd

zyBooks Chp.09: Streams

Thu. Oct.26
18 zyBooks Chp.09: Streams

Tue. Oct.31
19 Assignment 00 (in class)

Thu. Nov.02
Dr. D. away: NSF
20 HW: 9.9 Program: Data visualization
Tue. Nov.07
21 Assignment 00.5 (in class)

Thu. Nov.09
22 Assignment 01
Tue. Nov.14
23 Assignment 01
Thu. Nov.16
24 Assignment 01 due
Assignment 02
Tue. Nov.21
25 Assignment 02 due
Thu. Nov.23
Tue. Nov.28
26 Assignment 03
Thu. Nov.30
27 Assignment 03 due

Final Exam Review

Tue. Dec.05
28 Intro to GLUT. or
Thu. Dec.07
Dr. D. away: CHI CSCC
29 Reading Day
Mon. Dec.11
30 FINAL EXAM 3:00-5:30pm