Computer Graphics/Animation Programming Tools & Libraries

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The de facto standard graphics programming library (application program interface, or API).

The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
A web page containing a comparison of many toolkits. There are a lot of them out there, below are three of the best for interactive graphics programming.

This is by far my favorite C++ GUI toolkit.

A simple, no-frills (no logo even! :) C GUI used to simplify learning graphics programming. It makes window creation fairly easy, but it lacks a lot of nice features such as buttons, file browsers, etc. If you're going to learn interactive graphics, you might as well also learn to use a more powerful GUI toolkit.

A powerful C GUI used to create The Gimp. It's somewhat hard to learn (lacking good manuals), but once you get comfortable with its syntax and methodology, you'll find it to be a very good toolkit.

An easy C++ GUI based on the old Forms package. Includes a visual GUI creator program (fluid) which lets you set up buttons, windows, etc., and generate the skeleton callback C++ file. Using OpenGL is simplified by creating a special window subclass Fl_Gl_Window.