CPSC 412/612 Eye Tracking Methodology and Applications
Fall 2003
Team 1: Experiment: PSYC: Cardinal direction task
Austin Ducworth (CIS)
Lindsay Hyma (MKT)
James Michalak (CIS)
Katie Kimble (PSYC)
Melissa Falzetta (PSYC)
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 2: Experiment: PSYC: Web-based animated ads
Mandy Elkins (PSYC)
Katie Hinds (PSYC)
Steve Pautz (CPSC)
Chris Coker (CPSC)
Dave Orr (CPSC)
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 3: Experiment: IE/MKT: Gender-biased ads
Penny Campbell (CIS)
Chris DuPre (CIS)
Sholanda Hook (CIS)
Chris Vargas (CIS)
Wely Wong (CPSC)
Report [PDF]

Team 4: Experiment: IE/CPSC: Navigation feedback in VR (maze)
Kevin Clark (CPSC)
Jason Hewitt (CIS)
Keith Pauls (CIS)
Deepak Vembar (CPSC)
Nikhil Iyengar (IE)
Report [PDF]
Accepted as paper presentation at EGVE:
D. Vembar, N. Iyengar, A. Duchowski, K. Clark, J. Hewitt, and K. Pauls, ``Effect of visual cues on human performance in navigating through a virtual maze'', in Proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments, June 8-9, 2004, Grenoble, France, EuroGraphics.

Team 5: Experiment: CPSC: Change blindness in VR
Richard Knox (CIS)
Matt Bergstein (CPSC)
Joey Longo (CPSC)
Nicholas McElveen (CPSC)
Rahul Seth (CPSC; auditing)
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 6: Experiment: CPSC: Interactive shell game
Ben Ames (CPSC)
Kivi Dennis (CPSC)
Tracey Hoang (CIS)
Paul Jobson (CIS)
Report [PDF]