CPSC 4120/6120 Eye Tracking Methodology and Applications
Fall 2016
Team 1: Experiment: Influence of Color in Perception of Animals
Scott Betza
Nathan Shipley
Timothy Campbell
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 2: Experiment: Electronic Order Entry
Kylie Gomes
Erich Hahn
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 3: Experiment: Attractive/Unattractive Facial Images
Aaron Villanueva
Ivan Getov
Chris Belcher
Greg Gettings
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 4: Experiment: Visual Search: Image Collage
Greg Meaders
Colin Fitt
Daniel Battle
Nathaniel Link
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 5: Experiment: Shopping Web Page Layout
Walter Thompson
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 6: Experiment: Cyclist Visibility
Darlene Edewaard
Ryan Detweiler
Chao Booth
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 7: Experiment: Text Density and Reading Comprehension
Jaret Screws
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 8: Experiment: Time-based Word Search
Corey Edelman
Giandre Acosta
Anthony Ferraro
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 9: Experiment: Expiration Date Legibility of Food Packaging in Terms of Position
Duyen Nguyen
Li Zeng
Zhaoxin Deng
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]