CPSC 412/612 Eye Tracking Methodology and Applications
Fall 2012
Team 1: Experiment: Comparing computer-predicted fixations to human gaze
Yanxiang Wu
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 2: Experiment: The Relationship between Olfactory and Visual Stimuli in a Retail Environment
Wilson Sansbury
Gabrielle Conlon
Nathan Bailey
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 3: Experiment: The Relationship between Auditory and Visual Stimuli in a Retail Environment
Felipe Fernandes
Drew Link
Andy Schmitz
Brock Bass
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 4: Experiment: Limited Text Count Attention Study
Adam Boyd
Tobi Harnacke
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 5: Experiment: Effect of Haptic Feedback on Arthroscope Training in VR
Bliss Altenhoff
Ashley Stafford
Blair Shannon
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 6: Experiment: Effect of Clutter on Road Signage
Hunter Burkett
Nathaniel Holbrooks
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]

Team 7: Experiment: Effect of Training on Cross-Cultural Recognition of Road Signage
Gergely Rakoczi
Andrew T. Duchowski
Report [PDF] Talk [PPT]