CPSC 212 Algorithms / Data Structures
Fall 2006



Phase I: Tangent Plane Estimation
Phase Ia: 2d point class: assignment: provide 2d point class implementation
Phase Ib: matrix class: assignment: provide matrix class implementation
Phase Ic: kdtree class: assignment: provide kdtree class implementation
Phase Id: 3D classes: assignment: provide 3d class implementations for point, kdtree, matrix
Phase II: Consistent Tangent Plane Orientation
Phase IIa: binheap class: assignment: provide binheap class implementation
Phase IIb: graph class & Prim's algorithm: assignment: provide graph class implementation with Prim's MST
Phase III: Signed Distance Function
Phase IV: Contour Tracing
Lab 01—binary search trees I
Lab 02—binary search trees II
Lab 03—templates & matrices
Lab 04—sorting
Lab 05—algorithm analysis
Lab 06—algorithm analysis
Lab 07—linked list iterator
Lab 08—binary heap
Lab 09—shortest path (Dijkstra)
Lab 10—depth-first search
Lab 11—disjoint sets (maze)
Lab 12—edge detection

The objective of the Texnh project is to develop a new and revitalized approach to undergraduate education in computing. The approach is based upon the use of problem-based learning with semester-long problems taken from the domain of computer generated visual media.

Materials herein include course materials, publications, and student images resulting from the project.

The Texnh project was originally funded by the National Science Foundation under grant TEXNH: A New Approach to the B.A. Degree in Computer Science, award number 0305318. It is presently supported by the National Science Foundation under grant CPATH EAE: TEXNH - Evaluation, Adoption and Extension, award number 0722313. The investigators gratefully acknowledge this support without which the project not have been possible.